Dubai Marina Yacht Tours

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Dubai marina yacht tour enables you to enjoy the mesmerizing view of some of the most popular landmarks of Dubai. The tours are designed to offer the visitors a taste of the royal Arab style hospitality. You get a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Dubai while riding a classic and spectacularly luxurious yacht. The yacht tour is completed in 2-3 hours and helps you enjoy the best aspects of the fascinating city of Dubai from a completely different perspective. Dubai Marina yacht tickets with varying prices are available for various times of the day to match the budget and timing preference of the visitors. So, you can choose a time slot as per your convenience to make your trip to Dubai truly memorable.

The yacht is spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate couples, big families, or even a large group of friends. You can choose to simply relax and unwind while taking the tour or you can enjoy a small party and get together to enhance the fun of the activity. Irrespective of the cheap yacht rental Dubai Marina option you choose, it will surely leave you amazed and dazed with sensational views of the city.

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Select Your Dubai Marina Yacht Tours

The Dubai Marina Yacht tour will completely change your perception of enjoying a boat ride. The yacht is designed to offer all modern facilities and amenities for complete comfort and luxury. Depending on the time slot you choose, you will get to enjoy a fine dining experience that will make you feel like a star. During the tour, you will get to enjoy the stunning views of some of the world-famous architectural marvels of Dubai. You can enjoy the mesmerizing sights of Dubai Marina, Blue Water Island, Ain Wheel, JBR, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, etc.

You can click pictures with these famous landscapes in the background or you can choose to simply enjoy the view while relaxing on comfortable couches. We offer you the best options for cheap yacht rental Dubai Marina without compromising your luxury or comfort. Book your tour tickets with us to get great deals and discounts that will maximize your fun while helping you save more. With our online booking facility, you can book your tour from almost anywhere in a quick and hassle-free manner. Experience our five-star services to get the best value for money as you book and enjoy the Dubai Marina Yacht tour.

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Dubai Marina Yacht Tour Options

Dubai Marina Morning Yacht Tour

Booking the Dubai Marina yacht tickets in the morning hours ensures a great start to your day. The tour is conducted from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, so that you can enjoy other activities during the rest of the day. The ticket includes access to the yacht ride and the cost of a scrumptious breakfast spread. You get to enjoy the views of the most prominent attractions of Dubai glittering in the morning sun. Sit back and relax while you enjoy the view or relish the feel of floating on the alluring blue waters amidst great comfort and luxury.

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Dubai Marina Afternoon Yacht Tour

Spend a lazy afternoon aboard a luxurious yacht sailing past the majestic landmarks of Dubai. During the tour conducted from 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, you get to treat yourself and your loved ones to a delectable lunch. Experience the thrill of living a comfortable and stylish life and the royal hospitality of Dubai at its best. You also get to enjoy the mesmerizing views of some of the most famous landmarks of Dubai while cruising along the city’s coastline. The tour provides a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind and enjoy the beauty and splendor that Dubai is so famous for.

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Dubai Marina Lunch Yacht Tour

The Dubai Marina lunch yacht tour commences at 11:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. During the tour, you get to feast your eyes on the best sights of the Dubai landscape and make them an integral part of your memories by clicking pictures. Book the Dubai Marina yacht tickets to plan a unique get-together with your friends and loved ones. You also get to satiate your appetite with a delicious and filling lunch spread. Bask in the warm sun rays or cherish the calm and peaceful surroundings as you float with utmost comfort and safety on the clear blue sea waters.

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Dubai Marina Sunset Yacht Tour

The sunset tour is perhaps the best of all the yacht deals Dubai Marina options that you can choose from. The tour is conducted from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and offers a stunning view of the sun setting on the horizon. You will be left amazed by the delightfully beautiful and colorful skies at dusk as you cruise along the Marina. You also get to enjoy an early dinner consisting of a wide variety of delicious food items. You also get a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the most prominent attractions of the city shining brilliantly with lights.

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Why You Should Book A Yacht Charter in Dubai

There are plenty of good reasons to book a yacht charter in Dubai :

  • Privacy : Yacht charter is one of the most intimate ways to explore the city of Dubai. One of the most fascinating things about yacht charter is that you will be having your own private villa out on the sea.
  • Top-notch service : Apart from having the boat all to yourself, you can also opt for the particular service that you want. You can go for a romantic yacht charter tour where the services will be designed according to the theme, similarly you can also opt for a DJ or any other thing to suit your taste.
  • Flexible schedule option : You can opt for a one hour jaunt where you see the Bluewater Island and Ain Dubai Ferris wheel or you can also go for a straight 6 hour jaunt to have an immersive Dubai sightseeing experience.

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Attractions to See While Yacht Ride in Dubai


JBR is the acronym of Jumeirah Beach Residence and is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Dubai. This stunning waterfront community offers a wide range of activities and is known for its world-class hotels, beachfront cafes, eccentric nightlife, and walk along the beach. JBR is easily identifiable by its 40 tall towers that overlook the Arabian Gulf. It holds the distinction of being the world’s largest single-phase residential and commercial project. Although you can enjoy the view of this wonderfully developed area as a part of Dubai Marina yacht cruise at all times of the day, the sight is quite mesmerizing after sunset.

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Burj Al Arab

A symbol of Arabian luxury, Burj Al Arab is the most iconic hotel in Dubai. It is the world’s tallest all-suite hotel and is only 60 shorter and 14 m taller than Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower respectively. Its opulent interiors are embellished with 24-carat gold leaf. The hotel’s Japanese restaurant has the world’s largest Swarovski studded ceiling to make it resemble The Milky Way. The terrace of the hotel has been turned into the first of its kind man-made luxury beach facility across the globe. Its design resembles the sail of a ship, which makes it easily identifiable from afar.

Ain Dubai

Dubai Eye, the world’s biggest and tallest Ferris Wheel has become the most prominent attraction of the city. Located in Bluewaters Island, the giant wheel offers a 360° view of this beautiful city as you soar through the sky. The structure features 48 glass-encased air-conditioned cabins that can seat a total of 1750 passengers. The wheel takes around 30 minutes to complete one round. So, if you are enjoying a cruise in a rental yacht Dubai Marina you are likely to witness multiple rotations of the wheel before your tour ends. The sight is sure to leave you amazed and enhance its thrill and excitement.

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The Palm

The Palm is a man-made archipelago majestically located in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. The island is named so as it is shaped like a palm tree and is considered an epitome of beauty and elegance. Several major tourist attractions of Dubai are located on the Palm and this has made the archipelago extremely important and popular. The islands also house numerous lavish resorts, upmarket retail stores, and luxury hotels that offer great entertainment and dining opportunities. You are sure to be amazed by the beauty and luxury of The Palm while enjoying a Dubai Marina yacht dinner cruise.

The Atlantis

Atlantis, The Palm is a part of the Atlantis resorts and is located at the apex of The Palm. The resort is known for its remarkable luxury and distinctly Arabian décor. The place is also famous for the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which houses more than 65,000 aquatic creatures. The extremely famous Aquaventure Waterpark is a major attraction of the resort. Bask in the glowing beauty of the awe-inspiring design of Atlantis, The Palm as you enjoy a leisurely cruise on the brilliant blue waters with Dubai Marina yacht tickets. Its towering height and its brilliant design are sure to take your breath away even when viewed from that distance.

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Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters island offers a unique urban getaway with its distinctive, residential, retail, hospitality, and entertainment options. This vibrant lifestyle destination is often referred to as the shoppers' paradise. It offers a wide choice of unique retail and dining experiences that leave the visitors mesmerized. With its wide choice of options, the island is renowned to offer something for every visitor setting foot here. The man-made island is located across the waters from the Dubai Marina and features some of the most famous attractions of the city. These attractions when viewed from a distance, especially after sunset, make the yacht rental Dubai Marina price truly worthwhile.

Experience Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Experience Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Experience the splendid Dubai Marina Yacht Tour for a joyful time. Cruise along the glittering waters surrounded by towering buildings that sparkle in the sun. Feel the gentle breeze and soak in breathtaking views. Marvel at iconic landmarks like Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis. The luxurious yacht offers comfort and style, with ample seating and cozy spaces to relax. Snap memorable photos against the stunning backdrop of the city's skyline. Friendly crew members make the journey even more enjoyable. Whether with friends or family, this tour promises a memorable adventure, sailing through the modern charm of Dubai Marina and experiencing the city's splendor from a whole new perspective.

Reasons Why You Should Rent A Yacht in Dubai Marina

There are an n number of reasons to rent a yacht in Dubai Marina, to mention a few are :

  • It is fun and exciting : No matter if you are looking for a party to enjoy yourself, or a serene and relaxed excursion, you are sure to have the time of your life while sailing in the blue waters around UAE. With staff waiting for you and having bbq served to you on your deck, there is hardly any chance that one would not enjoy it.
  • Sail according to your wish : You actually have the liberty to tell the captain where you want to go. You can ask the captain to anchor up at JBR beach so that you can go for a refreshing dip or take the yacht to Burj Al Arab, where you can marvel at the beauty of the same.
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city : Escape the crowd of Dubai and spend quality time with your friends and family away from the chaos of the city.
  • It comes at an affordable price : Though Yacht rental might have the impression of being very expensive but in reality it is not that expensive. Split the price between your friends and family and you would be able to enjoy the luxury of a yacht within AED 200
  • Get a different perspective of Dubai : Look at the iconic landmarks of Dubai like JBR, Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island, Burj Al Arab, Downtown from a different perspective altogether. Have a completely different experience viewing them water in contrast to viewing them from land.

Other Places For Yachting in Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah Islands

The man-made archipelago is known to offer stunning and scenic views of the Arabian coastline. Opting for a yacht tour in the calm waters of The Palm helps you to enjoy a view of the city like you may have never seen before. As you bask in the sight of the brilliant structures that are an integral part of the Dubai skyline, you feel truly mesmerized. As you enjoy a relaxing journey around the manmade island, you can spot iconic landmarks including Atlantis, The Palm, and Burj Al Arab while enjoying your Dubai Marina yacht cruise.

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Near Burj Al Arab

The very thought of enjoying a yacht tour in the vicinity of Burj Al Arab, the world’s first 7-star hotel is quite exciting. The tour provides you with numerous opportunities to click some great pictures with this beautiful hotel in the backdrop. At the same time, you can feast your eyes on the views of other iconic landmarks of Dubai, including the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina, and the wonderful architectural marvels of the city. You get to spend a couple of hours in great luxury and comfort as you sail on the calm and comforting deep blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

The Dubai Marina

The experience of enjoying a great cruise in the waters off the coast of one of the most beautiful cities in the world is truly mesmerizing. Every penny you invest in yacht rental Dubai Marina price seems worthwhile as you enjoy the fascinating sights spread out before your eyes. Watching the various architectural marvels that span the city skyline is sure to bring you great joy. Be amazed by the views as you spend some of the most memorable moments of your life amidst great comfort and luxury. Choose from a wide choice of options after carefully considering the tour features and facilities.

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The Dubai Creek

Opting for a yacht tour at the Dubai Creek provides you with an opportunity to discover the heart and soul of the city. The Creek divides the city of Dubai into two main areas of Deira and Bur Dubai. Cruising on its serene waters is like taking a journey across generations of rich Arab culture. A sunset dinner cruise is a perfect way to enjoy the mesmerizing sights and sounds that attract visitors in large numbers to this area. The cruise is sure to provide you with an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience that will make your trip to Dubai more memorable and exciting.

The World Island

This man-made archipelago of 300 islands located just 3 miles off the coast of Dubai has been designed to resemble the world map. Opting for a yacht tour around the islands gives the feeling of embarking on a world tour. The destination reflects the new and modern face of Dubai where technology and innovation help to fulfill dreams. Enjoying a relaxing cruise at the World Island is one of the best experiences for people visiting the city. Just enjoy the sights that the island has to offer while lazing around on the yacht. Alternately experience the thrill of engaging in various water sports during the tour.

Dubai Marina Yacht Tour FAQ's

Do we need to wear life jackets in Yacht Ride in Dubai?

No, wearing a life jacket is not mandatory while undertaking a yacht ride in Dubai. The information regarding the same will be provided to you at the time of booking the Dubai Marina yacht tickets. However, in case of bad weather or an emergency, the guest might be required to wear them.

How much time before we should be present before boarding the Yacht Dubai Marina?

You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before the time of departure of the cheap yacht rental Dubai Marina. The time is utilized to complete the various formalities and check-ins before boarding the yacht. All guests must carry an id-proof and their passport in case they are foreign nationals.

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Will we see Burj Al Arab on the route in Yacht Dubai Marina?

Yes, you will be able to view the Burj Al Arab and other major attractions on your tour route along Dubai Marina. The route is decided to ensure that you get the best value for yacht rental Dubai Marina price. You can also enjoy the views of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Eye, The Atlantis, etc.

What is special about Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is one of the most affluent neighborhoods of Dubai. It is well-known for its luxurious lifestyle, exclusive entertainment and dining options, and its majestic skyscrapers. You can enjoy a mesmerizing view of this most sought-after area of the city while undertaking a Dubai Marina yacht dinner cruise with family and friends.

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