Select the Best Yacht For Party in Dubai

The city of Dubai never fails to surprise us with its luxurious and state-of-the-art attractions. Yet again, what could be more exciting than being a part of a cruise party, between the sea and the sky so get ready to sail aboard a one-of-its kind luxury yacht in the waters of the Dubai Marina arena of Dubai. The Yacht Rental Party in Dubai offers you an enthralling party experience on their wide variety of luxury yachts. Food, music, champagne, delicious cuisine, decorations and lights are all a part of the fully-equipped cruisers that will make your party come to life. From small yet comfortable boats to large cruise ships, you can choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate small, medium or large groups of visitors.

The luxurious yet affordable yacht experience is customizable as per your theme with unlimited options for entertainment and excitement for all age groups. Whether you want to host a business meeting, a product launch event, a family celebration or a romantic proposal, the Yacht Party in Dubai has got you covered to cater to each of your unique expectations. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, your enjoyment aboard the cruise is guaranteed.

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Yacht Party Options in Dubai

Yacht Party in Dubai
Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate your special day with your loved ones by taking a luxurious boat through the Dubai Marina water area. Nobody can think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than on one of the opulent yachts offered by Yacht Party in Dubai. View landmarks including the Marina skyscrapers, the Atlantis, and the Dubai Eye from the yacht during this amazing once-in-a-lifetime event. A red carpet entrance, a five-course continental buffet, and a professional sound system are just a few of the extras that will make your day more enjoyable. A professional photographer will take images of you the entire time so you can always remember these moments.

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Best Yacht For Party in Dubai
Corporate Parties

The various yacht fleets, which range in size from large to tiny, are designed to accommodate various themed parties. The Yacht Rental Party in Dubai will add the spark to your special events with its unique experiences, whether you are interested in holding a business meeting, new product launch event, training session, or staff bonding activities. An amazing corporate experience will be created by the promise of complete privacy and protection, as well as features like meet and greet service, unlimited food, beverages, and music on the three-hour luxury yacht.

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Yacht Party in Dubai
Personal Celebrations

As you enjoy your special private events aboard the Dubai Yacht, take in the beautiful view of the Marina Skyscrapers, Kempenski Palace, the Dubai Eye, and many other sights. Whether it's a family gathering or a close friend reunion, the cruise experience includes themed parties to suit your every need. Be it a simple event or a special one, the unique journey aboard the cruise will make your day extra special.

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Experience Yacht Party in Dubai

Experience Yacht Party in Dubai

Experience the ultimate luxury on a breathtaking Yacht Party in Dubai. Cruise along the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf, surrounded by stunning views of Dubai's iconic skyline and landmarks. Feel the gentle sea breeze as you relax on the elegant deck, sipping on refreshing drinks and indulging in delicious cuisine. Dance to vibrant music, bask in the warm sun, and capture picture-perfect moments with friends against the backdrop of the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. Whether it's a special occasion or a leisurely escape, this Yacht Party offers an unforgettable blend of opulence, relaxation, and excitement, creating cherished memories of Dubai's glamour and beauty. Elevate your experience with the epitome of opulence on the waves.

Yachts to Rent for Party in Dubai

Sport Yacht For Party in Dubai
37 Feet Sport Yacht

For an unforgettable yacht experience, spring onto the 37 feet Sport Yacht with your friends or family and experience the sights of the city from the Dubai Marina Region. The Marina Canal, Atlantis the Palm and the Lagoon can be easily spotted from the yacht. You can also indulge in some adventurous activities like snorkelling and swimming to make your day extra sportive and full of fun.

Cost: Approximately 500 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 10 Guests

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45 feet yacht For Party in Dubai
45 Feet Yacht

If you are looking for a small yacht rental to host as little as two people or a small group of invitees, then the 45-feet yacht is the best way to go. Enjoy a luxurious meal and sunbathing on a modern luxury boat located on two decks. Adventurous and thrilling activities such as snorkelling and swimming await. Plan your day with many great activities to relax and enjoy.

Cost: Approximately 600 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 18 Guests

50 Feet Yacht For Party in Dubai
50 Feet Yacht

The 50 feet single deck yacht can conveniently house 17 people over its luxurious space. Inside the yacht you will find 3 Cabins with Restroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Sun deck, Sitting Area as well as access to different facilities such as complimentary refreshments, kitchen amenities and adventurous activities so that you can make the most of your visit without any hassle.

Cost: Approximately 700 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 17 Guests

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55 Feet Yacht For Party in Dubai
55 Feet Yacht

The 55-feet yacht is a step ahead on the level of luxury. The stunning yacht can be used to organise parties and events for upto 22 guests. It includes facilities such as the front end sun deck and sitting area, meant for relaxation as well as a large open space which can be conveniently used for larger gatherings than what the 45 feet yacht can accommodate.

Cost: Approximately 850 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 22 Guests

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85 Feet Yacht For Party in Dubai
85 Feet Yacht

Relax and unwind with your family, friends or companions at the 85 feet luxury yacht in Dubai. Having 4 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, sun deck area and equipped with all modern facilities, the yacht provides a seamless experience full of delight. View Dubai’s most famous attractions like The Atlantis and Burj Al Arab while rejuvenating at the two deck grand yacht.

Cost: Approximately 2500 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 41 Guests

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lotus mega yacht For Party in Dubai
Lotus Mega

Spanning a massive 220 feet, the Lotus Mega Yacht Dubai combines luxury with modern design. Consisting of multiple decks, an open house bar, a dance floor, a lounge area and a large pool with a jacuzzi, the Lotus Mega has everything you need for an extravagant event. With a capacity to accommodate upto 500 people, the yacht will make every guest on the yacht feel like a Hollywood star, walking on the red carpet.

Cost: Approximately 12,500 AED per hour (A minimum 4 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 500 Guests

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Virgo Super Party Yacht
Super Party Yacht

The Virgo Super Party Yacht with a sun deck and fly bridge is the ultimate party yacht, here to make your party extra eventful and exciting. 88 feet grand in size, the Super Party Yacht can accommodate upto 65 Guests, perfect for a small group of people to party their way away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Cost: Approximately 2000 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 65 Guests

Desert Rose Yacht For Party in Dubai
Desert Yacht Mega Rose

One of the largest yachts with a 155-foot span that can accommodate up to 200 guests, the Desert Rose Mega Yacht is ideal for large gatherings, corporate meetings, or large parties on a bigger scale. With all the modern amenities and amenities, the Desert MegaRose Yacht is the perfect yet affordable yacht for any event.

Cost: 6000 AED per hour (A minimum 4 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 200 Guests

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Hiring Options for Yacht Tour Experience in Dubai

2 Hours Yacht Party in Dubai
2 Hours

A two-hour yacht charter aboard one of the most luxurious cruise ships in Dubai, complete with cutting-edge amenities and modern architecture, is the ideal respite to revitalise all of your senses. As you float around the Dubai Marina area's water while admiring the city's skyscrapers and alluring attractions, leave all your problems behind. The custom boat experience is available to meet your specific needs, whether you want to throw a special event for friends and family or simply want some private time away from the city.

3 Hours Yacht Party in Dubai
3 Hours

Enjoy a 3 hour luxury boat rental together with sports like fishing and jet skiing over the Dubai Marina region for an exciting yet serene vacation. As little as two up to a large group of people can be accommodated aboard the luxury yacht. Delight in the stunning attractions of Dubai while you sip on refreshing beverages and click photographs to remember these incredible moments forever.

4 Hours Yacht Party in Dubai
4 Hours

The 4 hour yacht rental will allow you to spend plenty of valuable time while cruising the Marina if the 2 and 3 hour packages feel short. Add life to your events by going a step further and organising them on a luxurious cruise ship which offers you the best of all facilities and guaranteed fun throughout your journey.

Know Before You Go For Yacht Party in Dubai

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Best Yacht For Party in Dubai

1.) Dinner Option: Light refreshments and snacks are simply not enough for a special occasion. However, the additional offerings of Dinner Cuisine served directly at your table will suit perfectly. From typical Italian, French, Arabic or Asian cuisines, indulge in delicious food for your guests and enjoy delicious food.

2.) Live DJ: If you want to add some groovy stuff to your party, then book the Live DJ service for your event to get your foot tapping to the ground.

3.) BBQ: Larger cruise ships are equipped with barbecue facilities on board. Make your evening extra special by enjoying a BBQ dinner plate and snacks at the Yacht Party in Dubai.

4.) Decorations: Decoration is an indispensable service to welcome any occasion. They are worth spending because they add life to the party. With the decorating services of expert yacht decorators, you can organise your event worry-free. Whether it's a corporate event or a romantic dinner, themed and personalised decorations will set the tone for your party.

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FAQ's of Yacht Rental in Dubai

Can I extend my Yacht charter experience in Dubai?

    Yes, you may extend your Charter experience for the day which is subject to availability following your charter. It is advised to pre discuss this possibility with your Charter Executive so that you can enjoy a seamless cruise experience. The payment for extension shall be made at the office in advance or with the Yacht Captain during the trip.

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