Luxury Yacht Hire in Dubai

Hire Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Home to the world’s most luxurious and famous attractions, the city of Dubai has the most amazing experiences and adventures for its visitors under its pocket. One such wonderful experience that you will ever have in your life is sailing on a yacht. There could be no better way to delight in the stunning view of the city while cruising the waters of the Dubai Marina region than through a yacht rental. Easily and in the most-hassle free way, book your own luxury yacht with us for a delightful yacht exprerience. Available in countless sizes and services, the yachts are tailored to suit all your needs. Simply enjoy the breathtaking coastline of Dubai while you sit back, relax or host an event on a cruise ship with your family, friends or companions.

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Book Luxury Yacht in Dubai

The Luxury yacht rental in Dubai offers you an enthralling party experience on their wide variety of luxury yachts. Food, music, champagne, delicious cuisine, decorations and lights are all a part of the fully-equipped cruisers that will make your party come to life. From small yet comfortable boats to large cruise ships, you can choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate small, medium or large groups of visitors. Whether you want to host a business meeting, a product launch event, a family celebration or a romantic proposal, the luxury yacht in Dubai has got you covered to cater to each of your unique expectations.

Types Of Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai

78 Ft.

What could be more incredible than viewing Dubai’s most famous attractions from the Dubai Marina region as you celebrate a special event with friends, family or teammates against the backdrop of the ocean. An excellent option to consider, the 78 feet luxury yacht rental in Dubai which can accommodate upto 35 people is perfect for a small group of people to party their way away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Enjoy a star-like trip with exceptional amenities, urbane dine area and modern saloon only on this exclusive yacht.

Cost: Starts from 1400 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 35 Guests

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80 Ft.

The 80 feet private luxury yacht Dubai with a sun deck, fly bridge and barbecue session is the ultimate yacht for a trip with family or friends or to host a meeting or an event. Comfortable, spacious and grand in size, this luxury yacht rental in Dubai can accommodate upto 37 Guests, a perfect fit for every kind of yacht charter experience.

Cost: Starts from 1600 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 37-40 Guests

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84 Ft.

Relax and unwind with your family, friends or companions or organise a high-flying party at the 84 feet luxury yacht rental in Dubai. Having large comfortable beds and aesthetic furnishing, spacious fore, aft and sun deck area and completely equipped full Bose surround system, the yacht provides a seamless experience full of delight. View Dubai’s most famous attractions like The Atlantis and Burj Al Arab while rejuvenating at the grand yacht.

Cost: Starts from 2200 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 40 Guests

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86 Ft.

Host a grand event or simply rejuvenate your senses at the 86 feet luxury yacht rental in Dubai. Having an extra-large flybridge, comfortable seating area, large windows capturing a stunning view of the Gulf and a full surround sound system, the yacht is a perfect fit for celebrations. You can even do sea activities such as jet ski, banana boat and jet pack activities while at sea.

Cost: Starts from 2400 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 50 Guests

95 Ft.

The 95 feet yacht has a guest capacity of up to 65 people. With exquisite design and onboard facilities, the yacht is the perfect culmination of luxury with modern amenities. For an unforgettable yacht experience, spring onto the 95 feet luxury Yacht with your family or companions and experience the incredible sights of the city of Dubai from the spacious flydeck area. The Marina Canal, Atlantis the Palm and the Lagoon can be easily spotted from the yacht.

Cost: Starts from 2000 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 65 Guests

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100 Ft.

If you have a longer guest list, then the 100 feet yacht rental is a good option to host large gatherings. The luxurious and well furnished interior of the yacht as well as a fully equipped sound system, spacious deck and barbecue area makes it an ideal choice for events with family or friends while enjoying the impeccable view of the Dubai Marina region.

Cost: Starts from 4500 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 50 Guests

105 Ft.

The 105 feet luxury yacht hire will provide each and every one of your guests a memorable experience of the Dubai Marina and Gulf region. An excellent choice to host private parties or corporate gatherings for up to 65 guests, the yacht has spacious decks, comfortable bedrooms and lounge area with all kinds of modern facilities.

Cost: Starts from 3000 AED per hour

Capacity: Up to 65 Guests

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140 Ft.

Spanning a massive 140 feet, which can handle upto 250 guests, this luxury yacht hire is an excellent choice for large gatherings, corporate meetings or to host parties on a larger scale. Included with all modern facilities and amenities, this majestic Yacht is a splendid yet affordable choice for any event.

Cost: Starts from 4000 AED per hour (A minimum 2 hour booking is required)

Capacity: 250 Guests

164 Ft.

One of the biggest yachts spanning 164 feet, this luxury yacht rental in Dubai combines luxury with modern design. Consisting of several decks, lavish cabins, spacious saloons and alluring decor, it has all the facilities needed to host an extravagant event. With its luxurious style, the yacht will make each and every guest feel like a Hollywood star, walking on a red carpet.

Cost: Starts from 5000 AED per hour

Capacity: 50 Guests

Why You Should Experience a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Complete Privacy

Private luxury Yacht Dubai is available in many different sizes, so you can choose to rent any yacht according to your guest list. Booking a private yacht Charter in Dubai gives you complete privacy and control on deck which is almost impossible to do anywhere else. It is like taking your personal cruise ship out into the sea without any disturbance. You can even escape the mass crowds of tourism and view Dubai’s incredible attractions from the sea. For a few hours, you will be completely isolated from the rest of the world, so you can spend the much needed quality time with your friends and family while marvelling at the breathtaking view of the sea

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Impressive Service

Apart from the amazing view of Dubai that you will see from the Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai, the impressive hospitality and services by the crew and captain will make you feel on top of the world. You can tell the staff about your expectations from the yacht charter experience and they will be happy to cater to your unique needs. Choose from several different sea activities such as swimming, snorkelling or fishing or get an incredible mouth watering dinner served right to your table. You may even add-on services like a delicious BBQ dinner or order a cake according to the type of experience you want to have. A groovy DJ set-up for dancing or decoration services for event decoration can also be booked on the yacht.

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Various Packages for Different Occasions

There is no need to plan everything out yourself. If you would rather prefer a combination of different services for your event, then choose from among the numerous package options tailored to celebrate every special occasion. If you want to celebrate a birthday party then we have a package available for that which includes a cake, decorations and the food of your choosing. Be it any occasion, from romantic dinner trips, to party events and business meetings, we have a tailor made package available for all of them so that you can avoid the trouble of doing it all yourself. Just simply relax and enjoy the Charter Luxury Yacht Dubai experience.

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All Modern Facilities

The luxurious and modern yacht charters in Dubai are equipped with all kinds of modern facilities to serve your every need. You do not need to bring everything with you, for the yachts have it all. A professional music system, spacious lounge and kitchen area, 5-star buffet catering, BBQ Grilling service, a professional photographer and fishing equipment are just some of the many facilities available on board the yacht. Some of these services may be complementary with your yacht booking, however you will have to pay for the add-ons.

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Plan Your Own Schedule

The Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai gives you complete control of your schedule. You can book a luxury yacht for as little as two hours or for a whole day. This way, you have complete liberty to plan your day as per your wish. Either go for a short 1 hour ride to view Dubai’s stunning attractions or book a longer charter ride to party or celebrate, it completely depends upon you. Note that in most cases a minimum 2 hours of yacht booking is required while the maximum time limit, usually between 6 to 24 hours, can vary according to the yacht rental.

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Experience Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Experience Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Indulge in opulence aboard a luxury yacht in Dubai. Feel the gentle sway of the pristine waters beneath you as you bask in the glorious sun. Relish personalized service, from expert crew members catering to your every need. Marvel at iconic landmarks along the Dubai coastline, such as the majestic Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. Lounge in lavish comfort on spacious decks, sipping on refreshing beverages and savoring delectable cuisine. Dive into the cerulean sea, snorkeling amidst vibrant marine life, or simply unwind in the onboard jacuzzi. With panoramic views of Dubai's skyline and the azure waters, this yacht experience offers an unforgettable taste of the city's luxurious charm.

Tips To Remember While Going For Luxury Yacht Tour in Dubai

  • Wear casual clothes as per your comfort. It is advised to keep extra scarf and jackets for winter days
  • Be punctual. Arrive 15 minutes before the cruise starts so that you can complete all formalities and settle down conveniently
  • All guests must bring their original passport and identity card to the trip for identification purposes
  • Carry fully charged cameras and video recorders as you will find numerous sites worthy of clicking a picture on the cruise ship
  • It is essential to create a budget for your trip and stick to it. Calculate the cost of the yacht rental as well as other services onboard beforehand to ensure a smooth ride.
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club is the welcome and goodbye point for all Charter luxury Yacht Dubai. It is better to confirm the exact location you have to reach as well as plan your route in advance.
  • There are a variety of yacht sizes available for Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai according to capacity and occasion. Thus, it is important to know which yacht will suit your needs best. Do some research on the yachts and plan out the activities that you wish to do on it
  • Do not hesitate from indulging in any activity that you have planned to do. You can inform the captain and crew about the activities and services that you expect from them and they will be happy to assist you.

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FAQs of Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Is there any specific dress code for a luxury Yacht cruising trip?

No, there is no specific dress code for Yacht cruising trips in Dubai. It is recommended to dress as per the occasion. Although casual clothes, beachwear and swimwear are preferred by most people, you are allowed to dress as per your wants keeping in mind the local sensibilities.

What is the minimum age restriction for Yacht Experience in Dubai?

There is no age restriction for Yacht experience in Dubai. However, children below the age of 2 years must remain within the Saloon or Cabin area of the yacht, accompanied by an adult at all times.

Is there a difference between Cruise & yacht utilization?

Yes, there is a notable difference in the utilization of cruise ships and yachts. Cruise ships are large vessels designed for mass leisure travel, featuring amenities and scheduled routes. Yachts, conversely, are smaller, privately owned or chartered for personalized, exclusive experiences. Cruise ships may repurpose as troop transport due to their size, whereas yachts are not suited for such roles. The transformation of former liners into troop transports highlights their adaptability despite reduced seaworthiness and post-war introductions.

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Can I bring my own food and drinks on the Luxury Yacht Tour in Dubai?

No, you cannot bring your own food on the Luxury Yacht Rental in Dubai. Though, you can order food onboard from the menu which has a variety of food options. You can bring your own drinks on the yacht.

Where does the yacht charter start in Dubai Marina?

In accordance with Dubai Port and Customs Regulation, all Luxury yacht charter Dubai start from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club in Dubai Marina which is a beautiful man made lagoon, home to luxurious yachts and fishing boats.

What are the other places in Dubai to hire luxury yachts?

Luxury yachts can also be hired from other locations in Dubai like:- The Burj Al Arab: The world’s first 7-star hotel located 300 km away from the Jumeirah Islands.- The Palm Jumeirah: A man-made architectural marvel which provides stunning views of the Arabian Coastline.- The Dubai Creek: Widely known as ‘Creek’, it is a traditional district of the Old Dubai.- World Islands: A man-made architectural delight comprising of 300 small islands constructed into a world map exterior.

How much time before the trip should I arrive at the starting point?

It is recommended to arrive at the starting point at least 15 minutes before the trip starts. You can get to know the design and facilities available at the yacht and fishing boat as well as get to see the amazing view of the region. You will also have enough time to get yourself prepared for your trip.


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